Monday, February 16, 2009

Happy Birthday Lil Sis Illy

Happy 22nd Birthday, Illy... Selamat pjg umur murah rezki....

Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Birthday, Ayah Alfie

Ayah Alfie's birthday falls on a weekday, so we need to wait for the weekends to celebrate. We are lazy people. Lazy to go anywhere outside damansara area. if possible, we only want to be in ttdi... but the curve isnt so far away... so research nye research, we decided to give it a try at tony roma's.
Although we didnt get a good review online, tapi nak jugak try sendri...

Jln2 di the curve...

We ordered onion loaf for starter. 1 rib and 1ribeye....i think!!

onion loaf ribeye n chicken.

ribs and shrimp

The shrimp was nice... and juicy and sedap. Others are ok laaaa.... the side dishes can be choose from tis n dat n wat.. tak ingat...

Overall the food ok laa... but what makes the experience nyummier was because of the waiter. When he first took our order, he was already quite polite. then he came with our food. explain the sauce 1 by 1 while squeezing bit by bit on a small plate. When he was done , it was a smiley face. that put a smile on our jakun faces. haaha... was quite cute. Dunno if it was tony roma's guide or his own initiative.

Then dunno either if he saw that alfie was quite restless , that he brought us a bread.. so i can feed my boy.

From turns to

After dinner, our waiter brought us 1 scoop of ice cream... with topings ok.. hahahha..
I loikee.......

Then lastly, oooh, by the way this was suppose to be my treat to ayah alfie.. tetengok ayah bayar jugak. camanne ni.. kene blanje lain la plak... huhuhu
Dah sampai rumah, tergelak pulak tengok bil nya

Ada pulak smiley nye kat lam resit pulak.... sabar je. And he circled his name there. Surya... Next time you wanna try Tony Roma's, ask Surya to serve you... hahahahah.. promo ok...
Aida, this post is for you... ;P

Thursday, January 15, 2009

A week in TTDI

Since last Tuesday, I've been at MIL's house coz my mom who's usually been taking care of Baby Alfie went back to Terengganu for the election. yeah.. semangat..hihi.
So... being me.. as what me n my sisters call it as 'mind theraphy' a.k.a window-shopping, I thought I wanted to drop by ikano or the curve after work today.
Suddenly, at 6pm, a task dropped onto my face n there goes my mind theraphy.
Esok jela. Need to find hubby's birthday present. What to give? What to give? huhu

Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Write.. Write... Write... I'm Back!!!

I need some motivation to keep on writing here.... hihihih..
Nway, I'm back... and will try continue posting / writing / blogging.. (hopefully)

So now Baby Alfie is already ONE year old. How time flies.. soon I'm gonna need to beranak lagi.... hihihihi
Hmm.. so whats new..
  • Alfie has 4 tooth now...
  • Walking.... ever sooo slowly...
  • Eating keropok... biskut... on top of his porridge and bread...
  • Still BF whenever mommy's around
  • His first word is AYAAAAAAAH
  • Favourite songs : Happy Birthday.!! perasan hari-hari birthday dia. hahha..

thats it for now lah. =)

Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Maid in MyHouse

The most common question when we come back from maternity leave is ‘Siapa jaga baby?’(Who’s taking care of the baby?) Luckily for me, as I’m still staying with my parents, the obvious answer will be ‘My MOM!!’ But that doesn’t sound right. Mom has been taking care all of us all her life…. All our lives! Haha. Come to think of it, I live with them for almost 28 years now. Except for the 2 years when I was in college, pretty much… I live with them all my life!!haha

Anyway, as what MOST of other parents nowadays do. I’m hiring a maid. An Indonesian maid to help my mother at home - taking care of Baby Alfie and do other cleaning etc job.
My maid FINALLY arrived last night. Baby Alfie is 5months ++ now. I intended to have her around like 7 months ago! To help mom BEFORE my sis got married. My sis got married anyway. Hihi

What an experience… The first agent was a neighbour in TTDI. Me and my sister both use the same agent. We paid deposit of 50% each and need to wait for 2-3 months…. she said. This was before last Ramadhan. We waited.
Then comes Raya(Oct 2007).
My younger sis then got married(Nov 2007).
I gave birth(Dec 2007).
We waited some more.
To make long story short, my sis got hers. But with no documents. Bad news is : She paid the full amount. As for me, after 5 months of waiting, I took back my money. Hire another agent. After a month or so, here she is now.
Yeap! I made the long story short. Coz the long story will be the part where I or my sis keep on take turns calling the 1st agent and keep on getting the same answer.. ‘esok..esok..esok’ OR ‘next Monday’ OR ‘this Friday’ OR ‘the girl’s father died, ask for delay’ OR ‘rumah terbakar’ OR ‘she has HIV’. Yes dear. I’m not making this up. These are all the excuses that she gave AND we had to bear. Huh!

Thank god, my maid has FINALLY arrived. She’s 41. A widow with a child. Hope she can be of help to me n mom. Hope for the best!

Monday, May 26, 2008

Starting my blog now..

Hi friends... families... and everyone...

Have a good day, feel free to drop a word or 2...

Am starting my own blog now... Thanks to neverending 'motivation' from beloved cousin dedeng. Hope I won't bore you now. keep on returning, coz i'll keep on updating.. hahah.. hopefully. Take care